Our food division was established in 1978, business coverage in wholesale trade in Asia foodstuffs with export regions include the United States, Australia, France etc. Our customers include large mainstream market, Chinese chain store & supermarkets, the Asian food markets, grocery stores etc.

In Australia, our subsidiary established in 1991 and offices locate at Sydney and Melbourne. Starting with only 10 staff and expanding to one of Australia’s largest Asian food and beverage product importers, we source our products from all over Asia, and with our extensive business networks we have sole distribution rights to most of the famous Asian brands across Asia. Currently we have stock over 1,000 different types of Asian products such as candy, beverages, biscuits, snacks, sauces, frozen food and we also distribute to over 800 Asian stores across Australia. Our products are also distributed to mainstream retail outlets, such as Woolworth, Coles, Franklins, IGA and food services sectors across Australia. Our Berconia Foods division specialized in oriental foods and beverages for the mainstream market. We work together with our suppliers to develop products that maybe suitable for the mainstream market. Every year, we spend more than hundred thousand dollars on advertising and promotion including TV commercial, print media and sponsorship in mainstream and ethnic market for promoting our products and services. For more information, please visit

Rockman Company (USA) Inc. was established in 1980. We are one of the oldest importers of Asian foodstuffs in Los Angeles, California. We provide our products to Asian stores and supermarkets through out the major cities in the U.S..Wide range of products covering instant noodles, vermicelli products, snack, beverage, instant coffee & tea, sauce & paste, spices & seasoning powder, frozen food, rice, canned & preserved food & kitchenware etc. For more information, please visit

In 2002, we established a food-processing factory in Jiangxi, China which manufactures wide range of rice products such as Jiangxi Rice Vermicelli, Ying Si Rice Vermicelli, Rice Macaroni, Laifen, Rice Spaghetti, Brown Rice Spaghetti, Brown Rice Macaroni under our brands “Lan Vang” and “ Berconia” for catering different markets and customers. We also do the customize rice products for the customer’s own brands.

We will continue to take every business opportunity for business developments, and sincerely invite different brands and products for further cooperation and market growing. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information and assistance.